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Patient Welfare

The Foundation’s mission has remained simple and clear - To serve underprivileged end-stage kidney patients and ensure that they have access to life-sustaining dialysis treatments and care. KDF also provides complementary programmes, such as the Adopt-a-Patient programme, medication and transport subsidies to help our patients dialyse with ease.

Exercise Programme

Patients with end-stage kidney disease have diminished physical functions and capabilities due to their muscles wasting. They also have reduced visceral protein storage and physical function attributable to uremic myopathy and neuropathy7, which can influence long-term hospitalisation and mortality.


Since 2019, KDF has been implementing a dialysis centre-wide exercise programme to help improve overall fitness for our patients. Physical fitness is an essential component in helping patients overcome illness, maintaining physical health and cultivating discipline and perseverance.

Subsidised Dialysis Programme

KDF operates 4 haemodialysis centres with a combined patient capacity of 432 seats. The centres are strategically located in Admiralty, Bishan, Ghim Moh, and Kreta Ayer. Since 1996, KDF has been serving underprivileged patients by providing subsidies of varying amounts according to their financial situation, determined through the Ministry of Health’s means-testing assessment. 

Portable Subsidy Programme for Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)

Since 2017, KDF provides subsidies for routine blood tests and solution packages to underprivileged patients, who choose to receive peritoneal dialysis in the comforts of their home under this portable subsidy programme.

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“KDF’s subsidies really took a huge financial load off the family. It was a relief to see mum’s medical bills get smaller, thanks to KDF’s assistance.”

Ms Azzurra

Caregiver and Daughter of Mdm Zawiah, a KDF patient for 10 years

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Subsidised Medication Programme

In addition to dialysis treatments, patients also require medications to complement their treatments. With this programme, patients receive subsidies for the medications they require. Medications covered under this programme include Erythropoietin Injections (EPO), Calcijex, Venofer, Lanthanum Carbonate, Cinacalcet, Hepatitis Vaccinations and Zemplar. Supplemental protein feeds are also provided to patients at a highly subsidised rate.

Portable Subsidy Programme for Haemodialysis (HD)

For high-dependency haemodialysis patients who are unable to receive treatment at KDF dialysis centres due to their complex medical conditions, this programme enables them to dialyse in a suitable medical environment while still benefitting from KDF subsidies.

Adopt-A-Patient Programme

Patients who are unable to afford the co-payment portion of their treatment fees due to debilitating financial difficulties receive a second-tier subsidy from KDF through this programme. The programme has significantly reduced or, in many cases, completely eliminated out-of-pocket expenses for these patients.

Transport Subsidy Programme

The transport subsidy programme was launched in November 2016 to provide patients with a transport allowance for their journeys to and from the dialysis centre. Patients eligible for this programme are those with mobility issues or those who have moderate-to-high fall risks. 

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