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Health Webinars


With the adoption of remote, video conferencing platforms, we were able to transform our health education model by converting physical health talks into concise digital contents in the form of health webinars. This allowed us to break down geographical barriers and extend our educational offerings conveniently to a greater demographic.

Health webinar topics include an introduction to how the kidney functions, promoting diabetes awareness and various other kidney-health related topics. Since then, we have engaged interested corporates like Sam Woh Corporation and Frasers Property, who were keen to empower their staff to take ownership of their own health.

On a grassroots level, KDF also partnered with Limbang Green RC, Serangoon Community Club, and Mount Sinai Neighbourhood Committee (MSNC) to hold a series of health webinars for the residents in the area, creating a lasting impact for them to take charge of their own health. Since the introduction of health webinars, we have reached out to more than 3,000 viewers and participants.

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