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KDF continues to provide uninterrupted dialysis treatments and care to our patients, most who are elderly and immunocompromised. As we navigate through a pandemic-driven new normal, we have made several enhancements and progress within our dialysis centres and processes, ensuring that our patients can continue to dialyse safely with us.

Increase in Patient Capacity

432 - KDF's patient capacity as of 2022

Use of Haemodialfiltration (HDF) Machines 

HDF, an advanced form of dialysis, is gentler on the patient's body and reduces side effects of treatment such as blood pressure fluctuations and muscle wasting.

Start of Teleconsultation Sessions between Doctors and Patients

These virtual consultations allow renal physicians to make therapeutic adjustments and establish care plans for dialysis patients remotely.

Implementing of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and Risk Incident Reporting System in renal centre settings

Project Reimagine KDF seeks to improve existing work processes and digital systems within the organisation.

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Accountability and Transparency

KDF is in full compliance with the ‘Governance Evaluation Checklist’ listed on the Charity Portal of the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). The Foundation’s annual report and financial statements are available for scrutiny on the portal and on the KDF website. In recognition of its exemplary disclosure practices, KDF was awarded the Charity Transparency Award by the Charity Council in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

KDF Annual Report 2021/2022

Board of Directors

KDF Annual Report 2021/2022

Board Sub Directors

KDF Annual Report 2021/2022

Working Committees

KDF Annual Report 2021/2022

Corporate Governance

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